Production companies vary from ‘point and shoot’ to full production houses. We use a business model that means we supply all the services of a full production house at far better value.
Call us and you’ll soon know if we are the right match for you.
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With our expertise we can take on as much of the production process as you like so you can focus on your expertise.
Our model is ‘lean and mean’ so our prices are great value while we deliver top shelf production values and results.
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Call us and we’ll work out how to get you the most ‘bang for your buck’. It may be that one of our packages suits your needs or we can give you a bespoke scope and budget.
Most businesses would be well aware that it won’t do their brand any favours to use ‘happy snaps’ for team member photographs because that looks so unprofessional. Well the same applies to video. So if your brand is high profile, or niched to a discerning market segment, or needs to create trust and look professional it will harm your brand if you go the DIY video route.
Viewers immediately notice when something is below par or done incorrectly in a video. They may well not be able to articulate what’s not working, but they’ll know it’s not working and this will cause disengagement and discomfort. We all understand ‘the language of film’ (the conventions that have been set up since film began), however we don’t all speak the language of film. Only a professional video production house will have the craft and expertise to create videos for you that work visually and that also have great lighting and audio.
So if your brand values are about quality and professionalism, then beware the DIY solution.
We’ll take you through a 3 stage process consisting of pre-production (what you are filming and why); production (the actual shoot); and post-production (editing, inserting graphics & text, introductory and closing animations and so on). And with online video there is also the final stage of delivery – the video production house will export the video into the right format and file size for upload to the web and, at filmstretch, we even upload the videos for you direct to your video host of choice.
So with video production houses like filmstretch, you are paying for professionals who understand the craft of film-making because of years of education and experience in the field. filmstretch’s high production values are the result of expertise in camera work, lighting, audio and direction. And we know that the quality of your final videos will also depend on the quality of your pre-production. So at filmstretch we walk you through the pre-production process to make sure you have an overall video strategy that will serve your business needs, as well as digging down into the details of each video you want to produce.
So although the digital age has made video production available to us all, the craft of film remains something that takes years to hone, and at filmstretch we have this professional experience.
There are plenty of videographers out there who just ‘point and shoot’, often only covering the shoot for you (the production phase). They may or may not offer post-production. At the shoot they will capture the footage you ask them to capture. Some videographers will have a grasp of the craft of film, so will input on what to film, so that the footage edits together into a good result. Others will simply point and shoot and hope that something cuts together from the footage they capture.
So, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! And not all video production companies are created equal.
Check out our video packages to see a range of prices and what you get in each level of packages.
And don’t hesitate to call us to talk through your needs and goals.
Because we’re making videos constantly you can leverage our skills and experience so that you will only need to contribute as much time as you can.
We can write the script if you want, you just blurt out the main points, or send us relevant written information, and we’ll do the rest.
Don’t forget the old adage about getting trapped spending all your time working in the business and spending no time working on the business. Many of our clients are surprised to find the process of shooting their video refreshing and enjoyable.
There are various critical factors that need to be addressed when considering web videos.
We can talk you through these and here are a couple of examples:
Given that people watching web videos are not a captive audience, it’s critical that you engage them from the outset. Offering useful information is a good strategy. Additionally there must be a ‘feel good’ payoff from watching the ad, otherwise it simply won’t get viewed.
The ingredient most likely to engage people is humour (a huge proportion of web videos that go ‘viral’ do so because they are seriously funny!). Examine your favourite ads and see how this works.