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If you want the best possible corporate or web videos for your Sydney based organisation, brand or business we have a talented team ready and eager to empower you in achieving your goals.

Make the magic of film work for you and your business or organisation. We would love the opportunity to turn your ideas and stories into video gold. If you’re searching for corporate or web video production Sydney you’ve come to the right place because we have a winning combination of skills and experience.

Claire Stretch

Video producer and learning and development specialist

The leadership here at filmstretch offer a particularly effective synergy of skills with years of experience in training and adult learning combined with years of experience in the film industry. This makes us particularly valuable to HR, People and Culture and Learning and Development leaders.

We speak your language, we understand your challenges. filmstretch is unique in being able to offer you a virtually hands-off process to create corporate video including in the area of leadership, learning and development. And specific to your needs.

The result, needing little of your time to achieve, is a powerful set of learning videos that can be used by your colleagues on demand. This is a powerful way to boost the embedding of new skills, given the fact that we know 70% of learning is embedded on the job. With short form videos available 24/7 your colleagues can grab what they need when they need it. When the video content comes from learning and development workshops, you will make the learning of those events last well beyond the event and far more likely to become embedded. Call us now on 0416 276 238 for a free brainstorm with Claire about your next corporate video production.

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Are your staff suffering Power Point overload? Video can support business in many ways. Video’s power is in it’s multi-sensory nature. The right combination of sound and image grabs our attention and holds it better than any other medium. We can help you change culture, behaviour or just straight out inform.
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Animate: verb Bring to life – Prometheus stole fire from heaven to animate his clay men.
Animation can bring products, concepts or ideas to life in a way that verbal or written communication can’t touch. Animation brings diagrams to life and adds motion and emotion to graphics – Let’s breathe life into your ideas together.
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Events aren’t just about what happens on the stage. Events are also an opportunity to shoot glowing testimonials, green room takeaways and the buzz of the audience.
We know it well, we’ve been doing it for years.
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‘Why should I give my time to watch this?’ Today’s audience have little patience for old school ‘push’ advertising; we need to offer a return for the investment of their time to pull them in. A story, a laugh or useful information and they are much more likely to share it.
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Fixed Price Packages

You want to know how much your video will cost right now? Look at our Priced Package section, it covers many of the common options. including video blog, web video and bonus combinations at very competitive prices.
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Documentary is the opposite of fiction, it’s a form steeped in the feeling of truth and authenticity. It’s very much non scripted in terms of what is said but very dependent on skilled interviewing, producing and editing to bring order to slices of chaotic reality. It’s the feeling of truth that makes documentary work so persuasive.
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Rob Randall

CEO – Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

“filmstretch has been key to ACARA’s efforts to up the ante in our messaging and communication with our stakeholders across the country over the last few years. With a great range of stakeholders with varying information needs filmstretch has been a great partner and supplier to ACARA from the initial concept stage through to final production and launch. At each stage in the production process filmstretch’s technical expertise and customer service has been outstanding as has their feedback and advice to ACARA staff – both with an eye on continuous improvement of the customer and supplier."

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Gala Dinner Event with David Morrison

Dangerous Dance documentary gala dinner event video

This video is a compilation from The Dangerous Dance feature documentary Gala Dinner Event that took place on 10th August 2016. The event was filmed with three cameras; a wide shot and a medium shot from the back of the room and a reverse shot from the stage filming the audience over the shoulder of the presenter. We call this reverse shot the 'hero' shot as it brings event videos to life. It sets the scene for the video viewer, it shows audience reactions to the presentations and it can capture audience questions. See this event digital content blog for further insight into filming event videos.
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Marketing Video Introducing Vozz Helmet

The Vozz helmet is a revolutionary new design of motorcycle helmet. It was launched in December 2015 and we were commissioned to make a number of different videos to introduce the Vozz helmet. We called this video the 'sizzle', and the brief was to capture both the excitement of bike riding as well as introduce and get feedback on the helmet from the rider who had never worm the Vozz helmet. Also the video starts to establish the brand personality aimed at the relevant demographic. Filming took place at a bike track using our new DJI gimbal. The client was delighted with the result, as were we. Videos start to come into their full power when live action and movement are main components.
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