Dress for Success Sydney video ‘New Beginnings’

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This morning Clayton Utz hosted a breakfast event to launch the filmstretch produced Dress for Success Sydney video, New Beginnings (embedded below), and their first research report on the topic of ‘Lookism’. The Hon Justice Elizabeth Fullerton, a New South Wales Supreme Court Judge, did the honours of launching the report and, by way of bonus, gave us some ideas on the different ways a Judge can wear their robes.

I have a copy of the report by Dr Prudence Black and Dr Diane van den Broek in front of me, however I have to admit that my attempts to read it have so far failed. I keep diving back into the warm glow that has persisted since the Dress for Success Sydney video was being roundly applauded by more than 70 enthusiastic women (which can be a bit overwhelming at 7.30am in the morning – but coffee seemed to solve that for most in the room).

During the viewing, some of us teared up yet again, but don’t let that put you off 😉 The video is full of information about what Dress for Success does, and how it does it, as well as some personal stories.

I’d also like to put it out there that this was a wonderful video to develop and produce – a delightful overlap between a good story and creating something that will serve various business goals – this is the sort of work that Filmstretch, video production Sydney, loves doing the most.

We’d love you to have a look, give us your feedback, and share the video around to get the word out there about the fabulous work done by Dress for Success Sydney.


Dress for Success Sydney video New Beginnings.

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