Need A Set Of Professional Web Videos At A Set Price? – Our Web Video Packages Offer Affordable Video & Animation Solutions For SMEs and Corporates In Sydney

Web video and online video marketing is an essential part of most businesses’ digital marketing strategy over recent years. That’s because video works to gain attention, trust and sales, and let’s face it – people love video, it’s more entertaining then text and is a less time consuming way to absorb information or do research.

Video is great for SEO – numerous studies have proven that video is fifty times more effective than text only web content at gaining a first page ranking in search engines. Social media loves video, so the way that video can spread your name and brand across the web is almost unlimited.

Web video is now a must have for effective promotion of any business to customers and is increasingly being put to good use for more engaging and effective internal and external business-to-business communications and training.

You Need To Get Video Right

Video remains one of the most difficult areas of digital marketing and communications to get right without a professional video production company’s help. After years of working with SMEs and Corporates to create web video content with competitive edge and high engagement, filmstretch are now offering pre-priced video packages.

Video packages simplify the production and budgeting process so you can get started with web video or begin a longer term partnership with us producing ongoing high quality promotional video, training videos, explainers or video blog content at set budgets. All our video packages can be paid for over a three-month period to spread costs.

These video production packages are designed to create a set number of short, web ready explainer videos and/or Vlogs. Video content is created professionally and uniquely for use in social media campaigns, on website pages, and for Vlogs –  video blogs offering snappy news, tips, insights, product demonstrations, special offers, B2B communications or training.

Filmstretch Video Packages

Our packages offer different ‘sets’ of video for different purposes.

The first two packages focus on creating Vlogs – video blogs – and social media ready content; bite size content of around one minute focusing on one main point. The difference between package one and two is purely in how many Vlogs we produce for you:

Package 1 = 6 x (1 min) video blogs (for prices and details click here)

Package 2= 12 x (1 min) video blogs (for prices and details click here)

Package 3 = 3 x ‘explainer’ video’s; slightly longer (around 1.5 min) videos for use on static website pages or for communications and social media campaigns. (For prices and details click here).

Package 4 = x 2 explainer or website videos and x 3 video blogs. This is the bare minimum amount of video most businesses need to create for an effective new website, to update a website to include video, and for start-up social media content. (For prices and details click here).

Different Levels Of Production, Different Price Points

Each of our packages comes with differing levels of animation which affects price point. Our ‘entry’ level of video production uses static text and illustration with no animation at cheaper prices. Our ‘plus’ and ‘bonus’ levels of video production offer animated extras like titles, illustrations and bullet point lists. Animation really helps to grab attention and make video feel faster paced and more exciting, but adds cost to packages.

Another price point difference between ‘entry,’ ‘plus’ and ‘bonus’ level versions of packages is how much of the concept development, scriptwriting and content organisation we do for you and how much you do yourself.

The details of all these differences, including price, are explained in detail for ‘entry,’ ‘plus’ and ‘bonus’ levels for package one here and two here, package three here, and package four here.

*Image by Australian War Memorial collection from Canberra, Australia (A possum and a movie camera 1943) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons