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Video Blogs (Vlogs) – Talk Directly To Your Clients, Customers & Staff

Video blogs (Vlogs) have become key content in communications and marketing strategy for many SMEs and Corporates. Those who realise it’s worth spending the money to record high quality videos as those videos may well still be getting views years from now. It really does pay in terms of ROI to produce fresh, engaging video content for promotion to customers, business-to-business comms, and internal training purposes. (See ‘Why Use Web Video’ article here).

Filmstretch’s Video Blog Packages One & Two

filmstretch Sydney’s video packages one and two offer the opportunity of creating a set of one minute, professionally produced, optimised, web ready Vlogs, in one day’s filming, and for a set budget. And for really small businesses and start ups it’s worth noting that all our packages can be paid off over a three-month period to spread costs.

The key difference between packages one and two is the number of videos you get in a ‘set,’ which is reflected in the price difference:

Package 1 = x6 Vlogs (with optional additional videos at plus and bonus level packages)

Package 2 = x12 Vlogs (with optional additional videos at plus and bonus level packages)

We offer three levels of production, also with different price points for each package – ‘entry,’ ‘plus’ and ‘bonus.’

One key difference for these levels of production is the level of animation and animated graphics included in the finished videos. Our entry level packages have static graphics to keep prices affordable. Animation increases the pace and excitement of web video as well as the amount of information that viewers can happily take in, but animation costs more.

Another difference is to do with the level of involvement filmstretch has consulting in the creative and development process, and whether we do the scriptwriting and keyword research or this pre-production work is done by our clients.

For more details about the differences between different production levels and prices for package one (x6 Vlogs) click here, for package two (x12 Vlogs) click here.


What You Need To Know About Vlogs

Vlogs, like blogs, are a way to share news, tips, insights, product demonstrations, special offers, B2B communications, or to make training more engaging.

Video blogs offer opportunities to focus on everything customers will receive once they make a purchase or engage your services, this includes how they will feel as well as what measurable product, service or result they can expect when they do business with you.

Vlogs are particularly effective when they define a common problem, discuss solutions and let potential customers feel your supportive attitude.

Vlog Content

A great way to think through what you might include in your Vlog video scripts is to ask yourself what you get asked most often about your products, services or organisation.  Most business owners can think of a list of six or more questions regularly posed by customers.

Making short videos in which you state a question and then answer it is easy and remarkably effective in gaining engagement. Customers feel they have already met you in person via video and you have already assured them that you have the answers, service or product they need before they contact you or buy from you.

Show Yourself

It pays to show yourself ‘behind the scenes’ in your own surroundings, it’s one of the key trust builders that Vlogs offer. filmstretch travels to client premises to film video blogs (anywhere in inner Sydney without additional costs). Allowing this kind of video access to your business creates relationship with clients or customers, along with authority and presence for key players from your organisation.

This is one of the advantages of Vlogging – building a sense of personal relationship. If you keep Vlogging and adding fresh video blog content that relationship stays alive and keeps growing.

Quick Connection

Video product reviews and demonstrations, or video blogs addressing specific needs that a service or product will meet, give you a very real connection with your potential customers. Short snappy ‘direct to camera’ Vlogs are the most engaging and cost effective way to do this. These Vlog packages from filmstretch are designed to create exactly this kind of content.

SEO Benefits

To optimise search engine hits it is worth researching and including keywords and key-phrases for search engines in your Vlog’s script and your video’s title and metadata. If you opt for our ‘bonus’ production level we will do this keyword research for you, and develop and write your scripts with these in mind alongside the information and briefing you provide to us.

For SEO purposes adding keyword rich transcripts to Vlogs on your site as blog articles, but particularly on YouTube or Vimeo beneath your videos is important. filmstretch offers transcripts of video scripts at all our production package levels to increase the effectiveness of your Vlogs for SEO.

Social Media Assets

At filmstretch we automatically offer you the opportunity of including still or animated titles and bullet points, along with clear calls to action (essential for video to be effective), and the branding opportunity of static or animated graphics of your logo and your url so that if your video travels far and wide on the web potential customers can still recognise and find you easily. Vlogs cannot be truly effective unless these details are attended to.

Sharing Vlogs on social media is of course a must, but we know that creating other digital content or marketing material with stills from your Vlogs is a money saving must! We also provide, as a matter of course, attractive still images from each video that you can use for further promotion in all our packages at all production levels.

How You Come Across On Video

The quality of production with video blogs does matter. When you work with filmstretch you do not have to worry about the quality of of camera work and lighting or sharp editing, animation and postproduction because we are an experienced video production company who have been focused on corporate video and web video marketing in Sydney for many years.

How people come across in Vlogs depends on how comfortable they are made to feel. Anyone featured in a video blog needs good feedback while filming and if possible a decent autocue. With years of film making experience we are used to supporting and directing people to come across well on camera. With filmstretch scripts are always put onto a moving autocue when we shoot video so that whoever is featured can relax and not worry about having to remember what to say.

Summary of the key differences between production levels for packages one and two:

You provide your own scripts and present direct to camera using an autocue. The graphics for titles, call to action and logo are static. We provide promotional stills from each video along with the finished set of marketing videos. For more information and prices click here for package one (x6 videos) and here for package two (x12 videos).


Our plus version of this package offers our help and consultation with script development and writing. Plus adds animation for your logo. It also offers the opportunity to include an animated bullet point list in each video which can help with explaining key points, benefits or features without the video losing audience engagement. And you will receive a larger number of promotional stills with each finished video if you opt for this higher budget option. For more information and prices click here for package one (x6 videos) and here for package two (x12 videos).


Our bonus version of packages one and two offers seven rather than six short videos. We develop and write the seven scripts for you, with our marketing and SEO know how. It includes animation of your logo and two animated bullet point lists and an animated diagram in each video which ups the level of interest and information. You will receive a larger number of promotional stills with the bonus version of package one and two. For more information and prices click here for package one (x6 videos) and here for package two (x12 videos).

Start Up Video Package

If you are looking for video for a new website, updating a site to include video for the first time, or are a start up or SME just getting going with video it may be worth checking out our video package four which caters to the needs of ‘first timers’ click here to read more about package four.

*Image By Solar Guard Exclusive Truck Parts from Hoek van Holland, Netherlands [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons