explainer videos, web video, video production, By Roberto Ferrari from Campogalliano (Modena), Italy (Cameraman Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Power Of Website Videos & Explainer Videos

The simplest way to begin to use explainer videos as a marketing tool is to literally explain your services, products or organisation directly to your clients, customers or staff on video. A simple ‘talking heads’ promotional or presentation video, if scripted, filmed, lit and edited well, offers you a chance to look truly professional as you explain to potential customers who you are, how well you understand their needs and how you or your company have the solutions or products they want.

Filmstretch Video Package Three – A Set Of Three Explainer Videos For A Set Price

Filmstretch developed video package three to offer a set of three interview style or scripted ‘explainer’ videos at a set price. Our ‘bonus’ version of this package offers more than three videos included in the price. For small businesses and start ups it is worth noting that all our packages’ payment can be spread across a three-month period to help with budgeting.

For more detail about what package three includes at our three different levels of production; ‘entry,’ ‘plus’ and ‘bonus’ along with package prices click here.

One key difference for these levels of production is the level of animation and animated graphics included in the finished videos. Our entry level packages have static graphics to keep prices affordable. Animation increases the pace and excitement of web video as well as the amount of information that viewers can happily take in, but animation costs more.

Another difference is to do with the level of involvement filmstretch has consulting in the creative and development process, and whether we do the scriptwriting and SEO keyword research or this pre-production work is done by our clients.

Why Every Website Needs Explainer Videos…

Explainer videos can be made to feature on the pages of your website – your homepage, about page, or on services or product pages. According to a recent survey* 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or service once they see an explainer video for what they are buying. Website videos and explainer videos offer a very significant boost to conversion rates for any business.

Get Found

Explainer videos are also powerful digital content for social media promotion of your business, products, services or organisational key players and SEO for your site. Hosting your web videos on YouTube (which has become a powerful search engine in itself) increases your chances of being found online significantly. This is particularly true if you include text transcripts of your video beneath them, and insure that your scripts include well researched keywords and keyphrases to improve SEO for Google. filmstretch always provide transcripts of client’s videos, along with stills from each video, as part of packages, which become assets to support client’s SEO, social media and marketing efforts.

Get Shared

Video is easily shared and people love it. According to a recent study* over 70% of internet users watch and prefer video to text online. A really clever, entertaining or useful video can spread your brand far and wide online. According to Ad Week Old Spice increased their sales by 107% using web video that went viral, ending up with over 42 million views. The bottom line for smaller businesses is that if your customers like you and your products or services, they will share your videos.

Create Relationship

Customers love to know who they are buying from. Website videos can introduce key players in your company and put faces to your name. Repeat custom is proven to be generated by customer’s trust in the personalities of the people in a company. Web video that showcases your people is particularly useful for online businesses to create a sense of contact and offer a ‘human face’ to customers.

For the website of any company including explainer videos that allow clients to ‘meet’ you virtually on your website significantly increases trust and the likelihood of initial and repeat contact, sales and bookings. Video notably ups the chances of potential clients making that crucial first phone call to you

Explain Quickly

People gain a clearer understanding of a product, service or organisation once they see and hear a person explain it. Explainer videos allow you to show and tell the usefulness, benefits and functions of a product or service, or to demonstrate how personable, ethical or helpful your organisation is.

You can fit in a lot of information in a short video, and people’s attention span is increasingly short. filmstretch video packages offer the potential to include animated bullet point lists and other graphics to keep attention and include more information in your videos. Explainer videos make fantastic back up for pitches too, your elevator pitch illustrated, animated and condensed to perfection, so you can ditch the PowerPoint presentation.

Grab & Keep Attention

SEO and Google ranking is hugely improved by including explainer videos on your website. The simple reason for that is that video increases the amount of time that browsers tend to stay on a site, and Google’s algorithm considers how long visitors stay at a website in it’s search rankings.

The more useful or interesting video a website provides visitors the longer they will stay and explore the site. Having said that, when purchasing products the average person takes less than a minute to make a decision about buying, so explainer videos for products help by quickly explaining a products benefits before attention wanders too.

Promote Benefits & Features

Explainer video scripts about your company, products, or services, work well if you give audiences specific details on features and benefits.  The message of web video needs to focus on everything customers will receive once they make the purchase or engage your services, this includes how they will feel as well as what measurable product or result they can expect.

At our ‘plus’ production level for package three filmstretch will consult to help you with the development process and scriptwriting for your video, and our ‘bonus’ production level of this package offers our services to do your scriptwriting and keyword research for you.

Speed Up Your Site

Explainer videos cut down the amount of text visitors to your site have to wade through and the number of images that have to load. Visitors are impatient and easily bored, so your ‘bounce’ rate is reduced by including video on your site. Your site’s load time should be speeded up by reducing the number of images, animation, and amount of text your site needs to include to by keeping attention with short videos instead.

Videos are also mobile and device friendly, delivering your message without anyone having to be able to ready tiny, tiny text!

Improve Google Ranking

To top it all off according to Spork Marketing and other market researchers websites with videos automatically rank higher in Google universal searches because they are deemed more interesting and less ‘stale’ than text and image only sites.


If you are looking to add explainer videos to your site or social media channels keep reading for a summary of the difference between ‘entry,’ ‘plus’ and ‘bonus’ production levels of package three, or click here for prices and features of this package.

Package Three offers 3 x 1.5 min interview style or scripted website or explainer videos at a set price.

The difference between the three production levels we offer for this package are summarised below, or click here for prices and features of this package at all production levels:


You provide your own scripts and present direct to camera using an autocue, or interview one person yourself. The graphics for titles, call to action and logo are static. We provide promotional stills from each video along with the finished set of marketing videos. For more information and prices click here.


Our plus version of this package offers our help and consultation with script development and writing or interviewing. Plus adds animation for your logo and call to action. It also offers the opportunity to include an animated bullet point list in each video which can help with explaining key points, benefits or features without the video losing audience engagement. And you will receive a larger number of promotional stills with each finished video if you opt for this higher budget option. For more information and prices click here.


Our bonus version of package three offers five rather than three 1.5 min videos. We develop and write the scripts or interview questions for you, with our marketing and SEO know how. It includes animation of your logo and call to action plus two animated bullet point lists and an animated diagram in each video which ups the level of interest and information. You will receive a larger number of promotional stills with the bonus version of package three. For more information and prices click here.

Start Up Video Package

If you are looking for video for a new website, updating a site to include video for the first time, or are a start up or SME just getting going with video it may be worth checking out our video package four which caters to the needs of ‘first timers’ click here to read more about package four.

*Image By Roberto Ferrari from Campogalliano (Modena), Italy (Cameraman  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

*Survey conducted by Video Rascal

*Study published in The C100