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Five Essential Web Videos To Include On Your New Or Updated Website

Start-ups and small businesses need just enough web video on their website to get going and be competitive online without breaking the bank.

filmstretch – having worked with many start-ups and SMEs who are adding video to their new or existing site over the many years we have been established in Sydney – have experience of what is exactly the right amount of video to offer benefits to small businesses and start ups without prohibitive costs.

We have designed a video package which provides the five basic videos that any website needs at a set price, with the option to pay over three months to help with budgeting.

To read more details about this package and price points for different levels of production click here.

Our Top Tips For Adding Web Video Or Corporate Video To Your Website…

You Need Video – Full Stop

For Google ranking, to keep visitors on site, to create relationship with customers or clients, to explain without reams of text, to gain traffic, for conversion, as social media assets, for all these reasons and many more every website needs video these days. But what kind of videos and how many is enough?

You Need Explainer Web Videos

Explainer videos are slightly longer videos that convey details about your organisation, products or services, including a large amount of information in a condensed and easy to absorb form.

Do not make explainer videos longer than a minute and a half, the average person’s attention span online does not stretch to more.

Depending on your website one of these explainer videos might be appropriate on your homepage, explaining who you are and what you offer clearly without visitors having to plough through a lot of text to find out. Sometimes a shorter Vlog style video works best for a front page, giving visitors a brief taste of what you offer and then directing them to longer explainer videos elsewhere on your site.

A lot depends on your branding and offering but if you have a brief homepage Vlog video you will need at least two longer explainer videos elsewhere on your site.

It pays to include animation of titles, bullet point lists, logos and graphic illustrations if your budget can accommodate. Animation makes video more pacey and allows for more information to be absorbed without seeming boring, but it costs more than static graphics.

At filmstretch we offer three levels of production at different price points for all our video packages to find the right blend of budget and whizz bang effects. The more a client does themselves, in terms of keyword research and writing of scripts or interview questions, and the less animation involved or assets for social media like stills from videos that are offered, the cheaper the price. To compare what different levels of production offer for our start up package of five web videos click here.

If you offer services you definitely need an explainer video on your services page which clearly defines the benefits and features of your services. If you offer products you need an explainer video for at least one of your products or ranges.

It pays to explain who you are as an organisation, and allow some behind the scenes video and let customers or clients ‘meet’ some of your people virtually via video. This can be done with shorter Vlogs, or you can allow a key player to present an explainer video about your company.

Both options are exercises in trust building, which is essential for engagement and conversion, and which is best gained using your people on video. Your ‘About’ page is a great place to put an explainer video which conveys the overall ethos and offering of your company, and introduces a human face to explain what you are ‘all about.’

Interviewing a client, or a key player in the company can be a great way to create an ‘explainer’ style web video. This can showcase your offering remarkably effectively if your questions are well written and thought out, and your interviewee is well coached while filming to come across well.

filmstretch undertakes script or interview question writing at higher production levels for the ‘start up’ video package, or can consult to help you, or if you are on a tight budget allow you to undertake these tasks to keep costs low.

To read more about explainer videos click here.

To read more about our start up video package and pricing click here.

You Need Brief Vlogs

You need at least three shorter video blogs or ‘Vlogs’ on your site. A Vlog should not be longer than a minute, it needs to be succinct and on point or you will lose viewers interest.

Video works to convey information quickly, that saves browsers time when they can watch a short video rather than read through a ream of information. If your video blogs are too long they are no longer saving viewers time!

Vlogs are ideal to sell your people, products or services intelligently. For example, think of the most common queries and questions you get from customers about your company, your services or products, and answer those questions ‘in person’ via video. Answer in such a way that you show that you understand what your clients needs are, and can provide solutions for them, while you prove how helpful, friendly, professional and informed you are.

Of course which queries you decide to address is key. If you are making the minimum of three Vlogs you need to make them count. Address key benefits and features of your offering whilst countering common resistances or doubts customers might raise.

Services or consultancy based companies can usefully use Vlogs to introduce three or more key players who become examples of the kind of expertise and attitude your company can offer by ‘meeting’ the public on video on your site.

For those whose business is products based it can be useful to add shorter Vlogs to your explainer videos – all focused on products that are outstanding and representative of your ranges in some way. Remember that it pays to have longer explainers with more depth of information and shorter Vlog style videos that focus on one point or product to good effect.

To read more about Vlogs click here.

To read more about our start up video package and pricing click here.

Host On YouTube, Think Google

Your videos need to be optimised for the web so that they do not load too slowly, and they need to be embedded on your site, but hosted on YouTube. YouTube is a search engine itself these days, and if you add the transcript of the video below your video on YouTube Google will find keywords and phrases to deliver your message and brand to browsers via searches.

Like blogs, video transcripts offer an opportunity to include SEO keywords and phrases on assets that draw traffic to you. SEO awareness while writing your scripts mean your transcripts will attract a lot more traffic to your site.

filmstretch delivers web ready video and offers transcripts of each video and stills from each video to be converted into marketing and social media assets and content at every production level and price point for this package. To read more about our start up video package and price points click here.

It helps to have the servies of a good scriptwriter, interview question writer and SEO keyword researcher to think through which keywords and phrases need to be included in your scripts, what content is most useful to include, where to focus your videos, and to create succinct and compelling scripts and interviews.

Think Social Media Too

Don’t forget that well made explainers and Vlogs can be shared on social media with great results, and can travel far and wide, bringing more traffic to your site. filmstretch, as a matter of course, adds your logo, url and a call to action to every video we produce so that potential customers can find their way back to your site however far your videos roam.

The secret of being shared is quite simple, if your customers like your company and your products or services, they will share your videos. Bear this simple idea in mind to choose wisely what your first five videos will be.

Five Web Videos Is a Good Start

Five videos on a website is enough to convince Google’s algorithm that your site should rank higher than text and image only sites.

Five videos are enough to give visitors a chance to ‘meet’ you and put a human face to your company, and to showcase a sample of services or products.

More video is better. Video retains visitors to sites for longer, and converts to sales or contact way more often. But five videos is a great start, and the bare minimum you need to get going.

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