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Video Marketing – Is DIY Video Good Enough?

grainy video, DIY video, video marketingSo, you’ve heard that video is essential for online presence these days, you have an upcoming event or product you want to show off to customers, one of your execs has a speaking engagement you want to showcase, you’re thinking about buying some equipment and shooting the video yourself? Maybe someone told you that using the camera on your iPhone will work? Stop! Read this before you get into a world of trouble.

We have had friends on start up budgets who, with all good intentions, try to shoot their own video. We’ve tried to give them tips and pointers to help. Nearly all of them got into trouble. Often small businesses have lean marketing departments, and multi-skilled amazing staff who can turn their hand to most things, but videos are a different ball game. The common mistakes people make in our experience are…

It Ends Up Way More Expensive Than They Imagined

For an event, videos are often the only record people have, and when the video isn’t spectacular it doesn’t show how amazing the event really was to anyone outside. All that time and energy (which is money) that went into making a DIY video is essentially wasted.

People end up spending a lot of money on kit, either buying or hiring equipment. You will need, as a minimum: Cameras. Lenses. Batteries. Memory Card. Cables & Adaptors. Tripods & Stabilisers. Audio Equipment. Lighting Software. Editing Software…

That really adds up, even if you rent it! And that’s without getting into how much time it will take inexperienced in-housers to accomplish setting up, shooting and then editing a video.

Inexperience Means Mistakes, Lots Of Them

Most people who try DIY video don’t’ have (and can’t afford) back-up kit. What does that mean in practice? It means that valuable filming opportunities get lost due to technical issues that no one is experienced enough to know may happen.

For example, and we have seen this happen with people who are not experienced video producers, often: People film in the wrong format and run out of memory. The lens doesn’t fit the camera from the rental agency. Cord and adapters are unsuitable. Lighting equipment blows a fuse or bulb and there are no replacements available. People can’t work out how to use a camera. There aren’t enough microphones. Batteries drain too quickly with no back ups….

You get the picture. A professional crew have the right kit, the right equipment and the experience that DIY efforts can’t match.

Mistakes Are Glaringly Obvious On Video

The public are used to seeing professionally lit, filmed and edited video, they have been watching TV and well produced corporate video for years remember.

To manage to emulate even a modestly high quality video you’d need to learn the following skills: Setting up three-point lighting. Capturing clear audio and mixing it well in post production. Using the 180 rule to shoot different people so where they are in relation to each other appears smooth. Cutting ‘on the action’ and other editing tricks that audiences instinctively feel when you get them wrong. Cutting between B roll and main action to set context.

If any of that sounded like double-dutch to you, you need a professional video production company or videographer to make your video. Your brand identity depends on it!

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