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Video Optimisation & SEO Basics

YouTube has a massive audience, but your videos will only get views if they are optimised so people can find them…

The bare basics of optimisationYouTube video optimisation
Fill in YouTube’s basic info fields with a relevant video title, description and tags – don’t be shy, the more words the better.

Choose an enticing thumbnail image to tempt viewers to click and view.

Use your social networks to share videos with as many people as possible – adding a social ‘share’ call to action in your videos can help with sharing.

Without these basic steps your video is unlikely to be seen by many people at all.

Video SEO is different
People tend to search for video seeking information, rather than directly for products or services, which affects which keywords are relevant. A way to tap into which keywords work well for your video is to use the YouTube keyword tool to find out if there is reasonable search volume for a certain phrase relevant to your video. When you identify the right keywords use them in your meta data – video title and description. Remember that on YouTube users often search keywords that are questions or aimed at discovering information.

Add tags and video categories.
This helps search engines find your videos when users search for your tags or similar terms. You can add tags (as many as you like) when you upload your video, or later (select ‘video manager’ in the drop-down menu beneath your username in YouTube). You check existing tags to add them to your video, or type into the box to create a new one. Choose a video category that suits your video title, description and tags, this boosts your SEO further.

Embed your video
Make sure that although your video is hosted on YouTube it is embedded on your website or blog, indeed on multiple websites if possible. Add text when you embed which describes, makes a feature of and compliments the video. The more context you add the easier it is for search engines to recognise what your video is about and the more likely your video will be found.

Remember Google own YouTube
Social sharing is crucial through all your social media accounts, but don’t forget Google Plus! Shares on Google Plus are easier for Google to track and will get you higher ranking more quickly.

Sometimes it’s worth spending money
Sponsored videos on YouTube and Facebook do work. You can hone the exact demographic you want to reach easily with the tools on offer, and set spending budgets so that you don’t break the bank. In a sea of information this kind of targeting can be worth the money.

Link-building works
Link to your video where it is embedded on your site from other relevant content you create on your website or from others’ sites. Bloggers, content creators and journalists love to embed relevant video on their sites so remember to include video with any and all press releases to up your chances of gaining new links to your video.