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Explainer videos that work for your business

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I’m sure you are aware that video sells online, and most competitive businesses use explainer videos now. But what kind of video do you need? And what should your overall strategy for video content be? Here are some key things to think through to work out the best video for your business…

What Style?

Most ‘explainer’ videos ‘explain’ your company, product or services. There are many different ’styles’ of explainer videos, for example here are some different ’styles’ to consider:

2D Animation, High & 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Live Action, Screencast, Whiteboard, Moving Typography, Animated Screencast, Stop Motion, Video Infographic, Ipad/Iphone Apps, Music Only, Testimonial…

If you are just beginning to get going with video the following are the most common, and the most affordable, options to consider in terms of style…

Animated Explainer Videos

2D animated explainer videos are relatively cost effective and they work. You can convey a lot of information using 2D animation and include visual information in the form of moving graphics, as well as audio information in the form of character’s voices, and voiceovers.

Cartoon style animation with a story and characters work well when you tell a ‘hero’s story’ in which your company, service or product saves the day by solving your customer’s problem. You can appeal to particular demographics easily with animation, as different characters represent various brand personas.

3D animated explainer videos cost more and take longer to produce but they are very efficient if you have a product that you need to show off and explain. 3D animation lends a modern or technologically savvy feel to videos so if that’s your branding they can be particularly worth the money.

Infographic or motion graphics explainer videos are wonderful if you have a lot of information to get across. Data in the form of moving graphs and bullet points, statistics and illustrations simplify complex information while holding attention.

Live Action Explainer Videos

Live action involves filming either actors or a representative from your company. This is a great way to give your company a face and create trust and a sense of customers knowing who you are and what you’re about. Experts showing or telling audiences can create authority for your brand too. Good quality live action often includes graphics, or even moving graphics to add richness and interest and include more information.

Screencast videos are simple – they showcase how your product or service works. They are educational, low-budget, and they work really well to give buyers confidence to try your brand out.

Testimonial videos collect stories from satisfied customers or clients and work powerfully (far more powerfully than written testimonials) to convince potential customers of your products’ or services’ value. To create trust in your company these cheap and simple to make videos are a winner.

What Content?

These styles are useful for different purposes. The purpose and content of your video is obviously also key. For a longer term video marketing strategy it’s worth thinking in terms of your YouTube channel.

Google, having recently bought YouTube, have begun categorising video content in three simple ways, as follows:

Help Content – Content that is always available to your core target audience. These are the classic explainer videos that address high volume search queries about your business, explain what your business offers, explain services, show off products, offer testimonials etc.

Hub Content – Regularly scheduled content that ‘sells’ your brand or business to prime prospects. This content aims to create a following and a strong editorial voice and style that establishes your brand as an identifiable ‘personality.’ These are promotional videos intended to be shared across social media.

Hero Content – Video content of big splash, one-off events and promotions designed to raise your profile as a brand or business. These are the live-strewed events, viral videos, Google+ hangouts, cross-promotions and even a made for the web video ad.

Tips For Getting Started With Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are obviously ‘help’ content. Although it is worth thinking through a larger ‘programme’ of video that may in time move toward hub and hero content. The key things to remember for ‘help’ content and explainer videos are:

The explaier video should clearly explain the problem and the solution, and outline benefits for your customer or client of using your product, service or company.

Voiceover and sound in videos really matters. The voices and voiceover need to avoid being dull or people will switch off. The quality of sound makes a big difference and is one of the many reasons it’s worth using professionals to make your videos.

You need an excellent script. and your video shouldn’t run much longer than one or one and a half minutes. It’s not much time to get your message across which is why the script needs to be great, and you need to take advantage of tricks like motion graphics to include more information.

Choose your production company wisely. Pay attention to how they offer to handle logistics, rights and ownership, and ask what their experience of video for the web is. Their script, design and production capabilities and their savvy about online marketing are worth checking out with them.

Make your video content regular and test it. You need to try out video ideas and test them online to see hits and get feedback from customers about how useful or informative your videos have been. You need to plan to not only make one video but to keep producing and updating your video content. As you do, bear in mind the purpose, type and style of video you plan so that you can make best use of video programming in marketing your business.

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