Australian Business Avril Henry & Associates Sponsor filmstretch Domestic Violence Documentary

The Dangerous Dance documentary is a side project for filmstretch that is an example of how companies big and small can ‘give back’ to society. It’s our way of using our time and skills for the greater good. Focused on solutions to domestic violence, the project has received sponsorship and support from many SMEs and Corporates, all of whom are taking action to do what they can to see an end to domestic violence in Australia.

We produce corporate video across a wide spectrum of clients, from sole traders to large corporates, and we have been inspired by how interested and willing businesses are to get involved with projects that impact their own workforce and Australian culture at large positively.

We know why we decided to make this film; having been exposed to the plight of many single mothers living in hardship after fleeing domestic abuse whilst making educational video for ‘The National Council For Single Mothers And Their Children’ we were so moved we decided to fundraise to make a feature length documentary that highlights the issues and suggests solutions.

Recently we have been talking to sponsors of the film about their motivations for being involved with the project, and have found that many share our experience of having been exposed to the reality and scale of the problem of domestic violence in Australia and feeling passionate about making a difference to the situation.

Passionate about making a difference

Avril Henry is a world class leadership expert and, as a particularly eloquent leader of leaders, explains why her company AHAA (Avril Henry And Associates) decided to offer sponsorship:

‘In 1999 I was part of a Working Group advising the then Prime Minister, John Howard, on the economic and social impact of domestic violence.

There were four members, one from community services working with women/children (Jo Cavanagh), someone from an employer perspective (Qantas), someone from government policy and myself whose role it was to calculate/identify the economic cost of domestic violence to the individual, the organisation and the economy.

That cost was staggering economically and statistically!

Being part of that working group was an eye-opener. Once you have seen or heard something, you cannot “un-see or un-hear” it again!

There was NO turning back or away for me once I was aware of the scale of the problem.

I was an active part of the group who designed one of the earliest  public campaigns:  “Violence against women, Australia says NO”.  This campaign was hugely successful, but once done, focus on the issue was lost – the box had been “ticked,” and the working party dismantled.

I know that endemic problems take consistent, ongoing focus to tackle successfully, and I believe that this film is a solution focused and intelligent contribution to keeping the important work on this issue moving. It is a project that will continue to give and give, because the film will be screened and watched many times.

I believe we all know someone who has been a victim – family members, friends and friends of friends, colleagues at work…  I certainly do. Once I began to see how these are far from isolated incidents but shockingly common I became passionate about how unacceptable that is. I have remained committed to creating real change, and always will be.

We must change attitudes and the only way to do it is to “show” people

We need to hold up the mirror to society, and say “Don’t be a bystander. Doing nothing makes you an unwilling participant in allowing this behaviour to continue.”

Sponsoring this film is a way of doing something tangible to hold up that mirror and “show people” so that they too, cannot un-see or un-hear. That is where the change germinates…’

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it!

Avril Henry is a game changer who tells it like it is. She is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker and provocateur who is passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity capabilities and reforming outdated workplace practices.

Coming from a 23 year background in finance, IT, Human Resources and change management, in South Africa, Australia, the UK and USA, Avril founded her consultancy practise in 2003, Avril Henry and Associates.

Avril is the author and co-author of several books on leadership and the different generations at work, and her book, “Leadership Revelations II How Australians lead in Crises” was voted a “Must Buy, Must Read” and “Best Brain Food book of 2012”, by the Australian Financial Review BOSS magazine. In 2010 she released her first children’s book.

Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people globally since 2003, Avril is considered one of Australia’s premier and most engaging, entertaining, and practical keynote speakers who tells it like it is for each every subject she speaks on.

The Dangerous Dance are grateful to AHAA and Avril and to all our generous sponsors and supporters.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful evening of solution finding and shared enthusiasm for change with you all at our upcoming fundraising Gala Dinner.

If you are interested in sponsoring The Dangerous Dance documentary and making a difference to change the culture of domestic violence in Australia check out and click the link to donate (fully tax deductible via The Documentary Australia Foundation.