audio quality in video

Professional Audio Matters In Video

Here at filmstretch we are often called in (a bit late in the day) to try to save marketing video that has been filmed with poor quality lighting, camera work or sound. The hardest thing to correct is audio, and it detracts most from people understanding and continuing to watch online video. The fact is, people tend to just become irritated and turn it off! And if they do continue to watch your public image suffers, because obviously amateur video does not portray a business that has a professional approach.

Often people will manage to film something passable, if not particularly special, on a smart phone or DSLR camera. But the audio on these devices is often very poor, particularly when they are positioned far from the subject or speaker, which they have to be in order to capture the right image.

Our advice, of course, is to get a professional video production company to work with you creating really slick marketing, online and B2B video as well as internal comms and training video.

If you are capturing video in the hope of including it later in these kinds of video productions call us, we can talk you through how to improve the audio, lighting, and how to frame well, so that when you bring the footage to us for inclusion in a professional video production later it will be usable and those moments will not be lost!

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