Corporate Video Sydney

Video Of Conferences & Events Are High Value Digital Content For Corporates & SMEs

From the sole trader to the largest corporate getting cameras rolling when you hold an event or conference produces digital assets that are invaluable to your online reach and your public image.

filmstretch regularly film events, conferences and seminars and produce video documenting these activities. This ranges from an awards ceremony to a small seminar to a huge 3-day corporate conference. Documenting an event through video is an excellent way of maximising content and taking full potential of the hard work and budget put into the production of an event.

Examples of events that really work well captured on video include: award ceremonies, product launches, company announcements, conferences, corporate networking, sales training, award ceremonies, workshops and seminars.

Video Nuggets & Mini Documentaries

Video of events and conferences produce wonderful nuggets for social media sharing and can be cut together to tell compelling stories about your company in the form of ‘mini documentaries’ that let online viewers really get to know who you are, what you are trying to do, what your milestones have been, and where you are headed.

The mini-documentary below was made by filmstretch from footage and interviews shot at a gala dinner event fundraising for a feature length documentary and is a good example of how compelling video can be.  Contact filmstretch here to talk about producing high quality video from your events and conferences.

What Video Can Show

The point of any conference or event is to inspire action and video can share that feeling of motivation and inspiration with other businesses you may do business with, or with customers and clients who get to see the hard work, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness behind your products or services. Video is also a compelling visual way to develop an archive of company history, to present a human face and to engage customers.

The public want to know your company, and be assured of both your expertise and your human-ness.Providing useful interesting information online will get you noticed. It says ‘Here’s an innovative company with interesting people who have inspired plans for tomorrow.’

Using video to share what attendees learned at a conference, what inspired them, who they met, what they are keen to share with colleagues or implement because of having attended the conference as well as what expert speakers have to offer will not only encourage people to come to your next conference and reiterate the messages and forward momentum of the event, it will also create fantastic sharable digital content at very little extra cost.

Event video can include: Interviews with key speakers from the event, vox pops with visitors/consumers of the event, highlights from the event’s activities, footage of people interacting and networking, a variety of different filming techniques including slo-motion and timelapse, clever editing to keep the pace up, and a call to action for future events or for core messages.

Training & Content

For those who couldn’t attend an event video can provide a five minute summary of what transpired that mattered to your company, and transform event footage into training and motivational video for employees. Staff really enjoy snappy entertaining, to-the-point video as a way of being kept up to date and learning!

Conference or seminar videos posted online allow consumers to watch your company presentations without leaving home. The beauty of these type of videos is that there are no time constraints. You are free to offer content depth that cannot be found elsewhere. You can showcase your ethos, experts, products and services both business-to-business and to customers.

Content is king for online marketing, and no one can afford to ignore digital content and social media marketing. And for SEO video becomes keyword gold when you have your video transcribed and include the text – great for getting found online because all the topics talked about become repeated words and topics on your site that Google can find when people search for them. The added bonus being that when they do find you they get a flavour of who you are and your expert knowledge or superior products from watching your people and products in action on video.

In summary, reasons to have professional video made of your events include:

  • Extend the reach of the event beyond the people that were actually there.
  • Harvest information and value from the event and continue to reiterate momentum and messages.
  • Permanently document speeches and presentations so they can be re-purposed immediately and in the future.
  • Showcase your work, your people, your ethos, your products, your progress.
  • Create promotional video for future conferences and the atmosphere and energy of your company.
  • For top sharables, video is popular and easy to embed in emails, digital newsletters, on social media platforms and on company websites.
  • Improve SEO on your company website through transcribed content.
  • For use as a training tool  – all that knowledge and expertise from speakers and participants repackaged intelligently in a set of online training videos for staff.
  • For internal sharing – if you are a big organisation then regional events can be shared nationally and internationally without the expense of flights and to a much larger percentage of staff.

Examples Of Keynotes & Panels

Below are examples of filmstretch video of a keynote speaker and a panel discussion, imagine your speakers and your panel captured and presented on video at this standard to your staff and the public… Contact filmstretch here to discuss professional video production for your corporate events.

Keynote Speaker

Panel Discussion