Employee Onboarding The Easy Way – With Corporate Training Video

Big corporates and SMEs alike are waking up to the benefits of video for onborading new recruits, and training staff – saving money, and time, lots of time…

How long do you – or your senior and experienced managers –  spend with each new employee to walk them through your company philosophy, policy, technology, workflow, procedures, benefits, client roster etc ????

I’m guessing if you add up the cost of that time in senior salary per hour it’s costing you a lot.

I’d guess it’s not as if any of that stuff that even really allows senior staff to get to finesse of what you do and build relationship with incomers, right?

Video For Corporate Training

That’s probably why, according to the Brandon Hall Group research, 95% of companies now use some form of video in their training and development programmes.

Video is a super powerful way to engage newbies in the brand, ethos, values and structure of your business, and with an increase in outsourcing to workers who are more remote, it allows training for every employee, even the freelancers.

Video training makes sure everyone is fully informed and on board with the ‘face’ of the company before they begin to represent you, and as they continue to.

Save Your Talent

Your talent: The leaders who are showing the way forward – whether that’s you in a small business or other leaders within the organisation if your company is larger – can be featured systematically, as and when they are available.

Your managers and admin staff can describe and impose their systems without having to explain in person how things work to each new recruit.

Your tech crew can help to plan and provide video training in how to use the software systems you are reliant on,  saving their time for real IT advancement and problem solving.

New recruits can access video 24/7, and  look things up as and when they get stuck.

Video training is a way of standardising your company message and solidifying your brand across your organisation.

And snippets of your training videos can double up as marketing materials – if they are well made.

Coaching, Development & Training

As a former executive coach with a long history in corporate training and management, I know that intelligently made video can very effectively help to orient and train staff.

Corporate training video can trouble-shoot, head off typical stumbling blocks, inspire staff, help them to find ways to belong, and actively apply their unique skills and aspirations in the service of an organisation’s larger goals and vision.

Video is a scalable method of orientation; utilising the resources, experience and talent you already have on-board, but only drawing on them to explain once, instead of many, many times!

Cheap & Reusable

Small and expanding businesses tend to skimp on training and on boarding because they do not have the staff, resources or time to do it all properly.

It costs a lot to develop training that is delivered by humans. Whether your company is large or small.

Video is cheap. Compared to the hours spent by staff for training, it’s very cheap.

Not only that, but I would argue that for the basics it is far preferable for both new staff and established staff than everyone having to sit through necessary but quite dull walk throughs.


Hot training video programs with more budget are constantly updated, to keep the whole organisation across where the company is going, and why.

Leaders communicate on video in attention grabbing and concise ways the thinking and practice, as your corporation or business swerves and moves to stay abreast of where your market share is.

Coherence & Reference

An added bonus is that the slightly different approaches of senior staff members and leaders can be ironed out in the production process of producing video. Rather than played out on confused juniors in a confusing mix of brief encounters with different characters!

And last but definitely not least. Video training materials provide a rich set of reference materials, so that experienced staff as well as new onboarders can refer to policy, values and ‘how to’ guides if they forget, if there are updates, or if they are too overwhelmed to take everything on at once.

filmstretch Are Experts With Corporate Training Video

filmstretch have significant experience of producing training video, so if you are an Australian company interested in developing these resources please contact me here to discuss how we could work together.

High Quality Video Production

Training video needs to be well structured and intelligently thought through. This is a coaching exercise, a management exercise, a human resources development task, as well as a training endeavour.

Wherever you are in the world, my advice is to find a production company to work with who really know the world of training, of staff development, and management.

Your production company should help you create really top class videos for corporate training that will stand the test of time, and bring your people on board, or up to speed, graciously and in ways that are engaging.