Facebook Video Ads – Great News For Your Business

Video provides a resonant brand experience. Delivered via Facebook video ads now land directly with the demographic and in the location you are aiming for.

That is great news for businesses. Let me explain why…

Did you know that Facebook receives over 4 billion video views per day?

Facebook conducted a study comparing traditional direct response campaign focused on driving subscriptions vs. a sequenced story-based approach where the direct response campaign was preceded by a “brand video.”

The business who was the case study (Refinery29) saw a 87% increase in traffic to the landing page and a 56% increase in subscription rate for those people who saw the branding video first.

Video converts! People engage more with video, in fact they just flat out buy more and book more when they watch video.

Adobe reports that shoppers who view videos are nearly two percent more likely to purchase than those who haven’t viewed a video.

Facebook video ads are a tried and tested way to get your brand noticed and remembered, and to engage and convert website visitors.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.

Video ads made for Facebook can be shared across multiple social channels, and reused in email marketing campaigns.

Target the right kind of video at the right people.

Facebook has now made it possible for video ads to create custom audiences and retarget viewers with a more direct promotional type ad.

It’s now possible to create 6 different “Video Engagement Custom Audiences” based on the length of time people watch your videos.

You can also create ‘lookalike’ audiences based from the interests and behaviours of engaged viewers of video on Facebook.

You don’t need to have a large list or fan base.

Video ads create a video advertising audience on Facebook without you already having one.

You create custom audiences with objectives like website conversions, brand awareness, clicks to website.

Facebook has let go of the previous limitation where you needed to have at least 1,000 views per day to create custom audiences from viewers.

You will build your business’ custom online audience fast using Facebook video ads…

Average costs per video view range from $.01-$.06 cents per view. That’s what it costs to add each new user, all of whom you can then retain and target again.

Getting video ads for Facebook right is tricky. You’ll need to either create a video in-house, or work with a corporate video production company like filmstretch.

High quality, attention grabbing video is essential to get views and clicks.

At filmstretch we offer packages of short videos that can be used to create fabulous Facebook video ads. This keeps costs low but gives clients an opportunity to professionally optimise video ads for Facebook.

Click here to read about our budget video production packages.

If you are creating your own video ads for Facebook here are some tips…

Make sure the video can be understood without sound.

Videos run on Facebook feeds without sound before they get clicked on, so don’t lose your chance to communicate by being reliant on sound. Subtitles are a must.

You want to engage multi-tasking Facebook scrollers by playing your video ads automatically in their news-feed. That means paying by cost-per-impression rather than cost-per-click. I promise you it’s worth it.

Make it snappy! If your video is less than 30 seconds long 80% of viewers will watch all of it. We advise 90 second video ads that have all the good stuff in the first 30 seconds.

Tailor your video to the audience you are going to narrow in on Facebook. Do your research about your demographic target BEFORE you make your video ads.

Use the style and tone of videos that get hits on your website.

Make sure you have video on your website that can explain and persuade further once your viewers click through to your site.

Customize the video description, thumbnail, budget, and audience you serve the ad to.

The next filmstretch news article will explain the ins and outs of exactly how to do that.

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