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How to expand your targeted marketing reach (far beyond your existing page likes) with Facebook Video Ads

Did you know that around 1.5 million small and medium sized businesses share videos on Facebook every month? And increasingly they are paying to turn those videos into ads to gain more views, views beyond their existing audience…

TechCrunch reported that average ad revenue per user in the USA went up by 50% in 2015, since video has been an option for ads on Facebook.

Facebook video ads are great for SMEs

You may think ‘Well video ads are being used by the large corporates, of course, but it’s not feasible for my smaller business.’

You would be misinformed. The costing of video ads on Facebook for the cheapest option, which is pay per view, ranges from $0.01-$0.06 cents per view. .

You can retain and re-target each new viewer of your video ads

Target your ads carefully and you gain access to the right demographic across all of Facebook.

That’s advertising worth having, particularly for the price!

This is a follow on from our previous article – ‘Facebook Video Ads – Great News For Your Business’  – which explains about how to create really great video for Facebook ads. Read here.

How to set up your video ad in Facebook for the best results

Go to the top of your page and select ‘Create Ads’

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In the ‘What’s your marketing objective’ page that opens up, in the second column, under ‘Consideration’ choose ‘Get video views.’

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Facebook will now target users who are likely to view video from their previous behaviour.

In ‘Ad Set’ choose ‘Audience’ – this is where the fun starts.

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Let me show you how granular you can get in choosing your demographic…

You can choose a location and it can be very small and specific – for example; CBD Sydney +10K – or really huge – for example; Australia, or even Asia Pacific.

You can choose gender and age range.

Remember that you can set up different targeted audiences and place the same (or a different more targeted) video ad with all of them, so if your product isn’t that gendered you can hit men and women.

You can choose languages that your demographic speaks.

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Then we get into detailed targeting…

It’s smart to create multiple, well targeted video audiences.

If you click ‘Browse’ and then the down arrow on ‘Demographics’ you get a range of choices. Do you only want to target single people? Or people educated to a certain level? It’s possible to choose that.

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Below ‘Demographics’ you can click the down arrow to narrow your audience by their ‘Interests.’

You can choose people whole categories like ‘Food and drink’ or click down arrows to just speak to people who are interested in ‘Restaurants’ for example.

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Below ‘Interests’ you can click the down arrow on ‘Behaviours’ and choose from some very tight categories – for example ‘Expats’ from ‘Italy’ (or any other country) – or just choose ‘Expats.’

You can choose only people in Australia who work Full-Time, there are many ways to slice the pie.

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If you look down the list and keep opening down arrows you will see how detailed you can get.

At this stage you need to balance how specific your potential market is with how many potential viewers your video ad will be put in front of.

The more granular you get the more targeted, obviously, but also the less your reach in terms of numbers.

Generally it is better to allow ‘Automatic Placements’ because Facebook will tailor where your video ads show up with their estimation of where they may perform best.

‘Edit Placements’ is best left alone too. If you do not tamper with placements you will automatically have your video ad added to Facebook feeds, Facebook right column, Instagram and Audience Network. Generally a larger reach is a better option.

Then you can set your budget and schedule.

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Some other tips…

Make sure you offer something to make viewers curious in the first seconds of the video ad.

Keep in mind that many users will have deactivated the autoplay option for video on their mobiles, so your thumbnails need to be sparky!

After you have run your video ads you can now create custom audiences from video based on levels of engagement that are very specific.

You can choose: 3 seconds watched, 10 seconds watched, 25% watched, 50% watched, 75% watched, 95% watched.

You can get a sense of how keen your next potential (custom) audience is this way for retargeting.

If you use video in link or carousel ads you can include more information along with your video, including headlines, call to action buttons, link descriptions. If you want to drive traffic to your website this can be a great option.

We suggest that you select the placement at the Ad Set level of your campaign to only run moving video on mobile devices when connected to Wi-Fi.

facebook video adsThis avoids annoying potential customers by using their data allowance without them choosing to click and view your video when they are on their mobile.

It still allows video to move and be eye catching when users are at home on a PC or their mobiles are connected to Wi-Fi and it’s not costing them!

Facebook’s estimates show that selecting Wi-Fi only does not make a significant different to estimated reach.

You can use multiple video ads in a carousel, particularly useful if you are advertising products.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t include an intro to your video or use credits or logos at the start of your video you’ll lose people.

Don’t try to tell too much in each video, keep a short snappy message with a cliffhanger and prompt audiences to watch more at your website.

Don’t have a person talking to camera without context for Facebook ads.

Do include subtitles that make sense of your video without sound.

Do attempt to grab user’s attention in 2-3 seconds, and keep your videos super short. 30 seconds is long for a Facebook video ad, a good length is no more than 20 seconds.

Do check how well your video ads are going down. Be aware that you will see a lot of people only watching a few seconds, that’s Facebook. An average of 33% of people will watch a whole 20 second video ad.

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If you are getting less than 33% of longer views, and you are confident your video is high quality, try a new custom audience to see if uptake improves.

It can take a few attempts to ‘find’ your custom audiences on Facebook, but when you do it really is worth it in terms of conversions, click throughs and sales.




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