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Recruitment Video – Get The Best Talent To Come To You

Recruitment video will change your hiring campaign so it becomes inbound rather than outbound…

Are your hiring methods traditional – newspaper ads, magazine features, radio and television, online job boards, recruitment consultants?

With the popularity of YouTube and online video, your company can now post a video, not only telling but showing people what it’s like to work for you.

Recruitment video works

Recruitment video is one of the easiest ways to expand your business, attracting talent, partners and doubling up as a branding video that improves public opinion and awareness of your company.

You can be clear about exactly who and what you are looking for, cutting down on applications that are clearly not a fit.

You will engage potential employees with immediacy, no long boring job description to read, just a real-life picture of what the company and job are like.

If you have a really slick video made for you it will showcase your company’s creativity, success and positivity in ways that is hard to get across in writing.

Showing really is far more effective than telling for attracting talent.

Ideas for recruitment video

Show behind the scenes. Your work environment, employees and clients.

Find a story. How your business started? How customers react to your products? How employees lives change once they work for you?

Highlight interaction and relationship. Show and tell how staff interact with each other and with clients or customers. Most recruits are looking for good working relationships.

Create an atmosphere. Music can be very important to ‘brand’ in video. So can the style and feel of your film. Are you corporate but creative? Creative but professional? Find the feel that will appeal to the staff you want.

Get employees talking. Testimonials from staff are very compelling for potential recruits. If ordinary employees are happy, fulfilled and love working for your company job seekers will want to work for you.

Show the perks and benefits, all of them. What unique benefits do you offer? Some of those perks may not be financial, for example flexible hours, working from home or the chance to take all your holiday at once…

Explain your hiring and advancement process. You’ll end up with more tailored applications and you’ll be showcasing future potential to recruits at the same time.

Answer frequently asked questions in advance. What are the questions most often asked of you by interviewees? If you provide those answers on video in advance, when you get to interview you’ll be discussing the fine details of fit rather than larger brushstrokes.

Experiment and be creative. If you work with a truly creative corporate video production house you can make sure your video looks great, has humour, runs properly on Facebook without sound.

Think outside the box

Filmmakers like filmstretch will offer you ideas that are inventive.

Of course it depends on how buttoned up your brand image is, but don’t be too conservative in considering these ideas.

It’s important to come across as human and relaxed enough to entice employees. You will quickly realise if recruits  can offer the skills and professionalism you need once they approach you.

Don’t be intimidated by video. With a little help from an experienced production company you will find the process easy and probably unexpectedly fun.

You don’t need to be put off by cost. Many production companies offer package deals for multiple videos that bring costs down.

filmstretch has a variety of corporate video packages at varying budgets, if you are an Australian company, check those out here.

The new way to find new talent

Companies across the board have a hard a time attracting the kinds of people they need to fill key roles. Large corporates’ recruiting teams have begun to come up with creative solutions to reach the candidates they want.

In recent years there has been a big move towards recruitment video as an easy way to showcase employees, office space, and culture, and get applicants involved in an organisation before they even apply.

As the selection of examples below can show you, recruitment video is being used successfully by all manner of Corporates and SMEs…

Do you think videos like these would attract the right employees?