Christmas holiday video marketing

Christmas is coming – holiday video marketing for business and success

This holiday season video marketing is the key to succeeding with customers and sales. Here’s how to get holiday video marketing right.

You know that the marketplace is flooded at this time of year. The best video marketing campaigns still stand out from the crowd.

It’s actually all about people at Christmas. What delights and prompts sales are heart warming snippets that encourage sharing of your videos. The emotion of connection, of charity, of loved ones and the dream of family, partnership, friendship, and the world as a benign and friendly place.

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Here are a few examples to give you the feel of really successful holiday video marketing campaigns. They are big brand ads and many will have aired on television as well as online, but the themes of Christmas as a way to market almost anything are well illustrated.

Lagavulin Whiskey ‘Whiskey By The Fire’

This is particularly clever. It breaks all the rules of video marketing being 45 minutes long! Nick Offerman – the actor, writer and humorist – sitting by a log fire, drinking Lagavulin Whiskey.That’s it.

Netflix ‘Yule Log’

On a theme, Netflix bought humour to their ‘Yule Log’ campaign with this ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ movie trailer.

This is a great example of selling what you sell, but referencing the season humorously.

German Supermarket Edeka’s ‘Christmas Carol – Homecoming’

It plays on all the heartstrings, this one. Reminding us that the real joy of Christmas is spending time with family and people you love.

The fact that to gather with family involves buying the food – from Edeka – is not directly referenced at all! But it got 33 million views, and shared the brand beautifully.

Fabulous Small Business Video Holiday Greetings

A range of great ideas for simple fun video season’s greetings that put corporate christmas cards to shame.

WestJet Airline

Reminding customers to go and see people at Christmas makes a lot of sense if you’re an airline.


UK Video Marketing Company Cincera

A range of great ideas for all kinds of businesses for video marketing this Christmas.

John Lewis UK Retailer’s ‘Man On The Moon’

This has it all, children, grandpa’s and a sense of the love and connection everyone craves at Christmas time.

Boots The Chemist UK Retailer

A fabulous showcase of products for presents with a nostalgic song and dance that gets it just right.

Smaller retailers may not have the budget for such an elaborate production, but a good Christmas tune and lots of fabulous gift ideas in store can work for you too.

Hermes ‘A Holiday Heaven’

Beautiful animation with humour, togetherness and a fabulous song. The little story and journey ends at a snowy Hermes store….

Coca Cola ‘A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way’

From the company who brought us the original red and white santa, this is a feel good film with branding all over it!

Great example of how the story of the film can involve ‘the product’ but the real message has is all about people.

Virgin Trains ’Traindeer’

Simple way to connect with customers and evoke emotion across a nation.

Ultimate KFC Christmas

Is KFC a Christmas brand? It is now! As you can see, place almost anything in a family Christmas setting, add a little humour and you can get away with it.

M&S UK Retailer “Christmas with love from Mrs Claus’

Who buys the Christmas shop? Who probably buys most of the Christmas presents? Wives and partners… This is very high budget, but the basic idea of appealing to women’s experience can work for any business.