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How To Use Video Content Marketing To Grow Your Brand And Business

Marketers and businesses are going crazy for video content, find out why…

Around 70% of all consumer internet traffic is now video. While written content remains important for SEO, video is also now essential for SEO (remember Google owns YouTube now) and for customer engagement online.

Online you effectively own two media platforms – your website and your YouTube channel. Both need to be keyword rich. That’s achieved by creating genuine interesting content that naturally uses terms and words that potential customers are likely to search for.

Video is very popular, and remains keyword searchable by including transcripts under videos on your YouTube channel. A stream of freshly written articles offering useful, entertaining and relevant content are a must add for any commercial site if you want to stay competitive online.

Increasingly fresh video content is also becoming a must have to maintain or increase your marketing effectively. Static unchanging websites fall behind, those with snappy, fresh content get to the top of Google search returns and get their brand spread further and more frequently online.

The Value of Video Content

Video works brilliantly in both long, medium and short formats – from 6-second bite sized flashes to full length documentary length films.

Video works across platforms – your website or blog, your YouTube channel, to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, inside Slideshare presentations and webinars (including of course on LinkedIn). Video is accessible on desktop and mobile devices in a way that text information cannot compete with.

Video can work as a standalone statement or as a series that engages audiences in a conversation that can evolve over time. Likewise video can be focused for a particular offer, product or time-frame, or produced to be re-watched over and over. Republishing, re-sharing and re-releasing video makes it a content asset that keeps working over time.

Video Content Drives Brand Awareness and Interest

The most successful video content tells a story and offers an immersive and entertaining experience for audiences who then retain a positive association with your brand and what you stand for. That means that you don’t necessarily have to only make video content directly about what you sell, what you do or who you are.

Showing audiences your involvement with customers, with social or community life or issues, your people’s thought leadership, character and personal or professional insights increases your brand’s reputation as credible, trustworthy and a great source of information or entertainment.

If your desired engagement demographic is wide and varied it’s worth creating video and written content specifically aimed at different segments of that audience. One brand can span many types of people, but with content marketing the more tailored your content production is the more likely you are to reach the people you want to engage.

Ideas for Creating Video Content

  • A short “Thank you” videos from your team to new customers or customers that you upsell
  • A short demo of your product or services
  • Quick animated GIFs or videos of how to use your product or services
  • Snappy testimonials from real customers, staff and fans of your brand
  • Longer product or services ‘user cases’
  • Longer product demonstrations (animated or whiteboard-style videos) with recognisable members of the company
  • A short explainer or introduction of the company and its mission and vision
  • Turn blog posts into short, how-to videos
  • Longer interviews with key members of the company
  • ‘Live’ presentations performed by company members with their slides included
  • Videos for each of your core calls-to-action (one for “call us,” one for “sign up for a free trial,” one for “tell your friends and get free credits,” etc.).
  • Detailed explainer videos that walk viewers through all the steps for using or integrating a product or service
  • Create a how-to video to demonstrate a hack for a more complicated solution.
  • Compare and contrast products or solutions
  • Review key features and functionalities of different available products or services
  • Social or community brand involvement videos
  • Personal or professional insights from your staff
  • Diverse or even wacky (depends on your core demographic) video of conferences, events, workplace, staff, products or services in situ or with users
  • Present information that is useful, interesting or entertaining to your core marketing demographic(s) – whether or not this directly features your product, services, people or company activity – just make sure it’s recognisably branded!

Hosting and Distributing Video Content

Remember that with content more and fresh is important. YouTube content marketers succeed with a variety of subject content, video lengths (from 30 seconds to 20 minutes or even some documentary length), and when they keep posting fresh content to add to an existing re-watchable cache.

Embed content from your YouTube channel on your website. This not only brings your videos further up the internal search engine of YouTube (the more watches a video gets the higher up the list) but has the added advantage that YouTube will automatically compensate for diverse devices, so mobile and tablet viewings are automatically configured. Embedded YouTube videos on your website also score points for your site in Google searches.

Keep a conversation going with your YouTube and video audience. Customers are about ten times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content than written blogs or social posts. Respond to comments on YouTube!

It stings but it’s worth paying for YouTube advertising. YouTube’s TrueView ads deliver ten times the click through rates compared to traditional Google AdWords ads. TrueView has a very diverse hyper-targeting range of options including contextual, behavioural, geo, retargeting and search. You need to experiment, but once you hit your market using TrueView your engagement, sharing and sales can rocket quickly.

filmstretch Sydney can help you Create Video Content for Marketing

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