Why should I care? Are you facing the problem of achieving effective corporate communication in an ADD world? A team pulling in the same direction is critical. Communicating by video ensures the same engaging message is delivered to everyone, wherever they are, and whenever they have a moment to click play.

Effective and Persuasive Corporate Video

Using video internally is a super effective way of spreading your vision and business messages en masse to your employees.

Our successful corporate video solutions include many options, from talking heads all the way to fully dramatised training videos (contact us to see examples as a lot of our work is for internal use only so can’t be published online).

This is the area where Claire Stretch’s training and coaching background is a huge advantage because she speaks the ‘trainer speak’ of L&D. She can translate your needs clearly to the rest of the filmstretch production team, who thrive on educating and inspiring people and business by creating powerful, impactful and persuasive videos.

Bespoke or Prix fixe

We understand your needs how valuable your time is.
We've listed the price of common variations on web videos and video blogs for you to see right now. These will give you a budget indication.
As needs vary considerably you may needs a bespoke scope and budget from us.
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Corporate video options

Organisational change

Organisation change can be stressful and confusing to employees. Using video, a consistent and clear message can be communicated to all staff, waylaying fears and explaining the process. Changes can be verbally communicated, and illustrated with easy to digest motion graphics to show as well as tell what is in progress.

New Sales Campaign

In this fast changing market place new services and new product launches are a regular occurrence. Engaging sales campaign videos get you message across in an engaging way, explaining how these new offerings will benefit your clients and prospects .


It is well know in Learning and Development departments that, although live training is an ideal way to introduce new skills and knowledge, the lessons are hard to embed back in the workplace. Short, to the point, coaching videos are ideal follow up to assist employees to practise and embed new behaviours.


Job and career seekers want to know about your corporate culture, what your vision is, what you will offer in the way of career progression and training. Interviews from previous holders of the post also go a long way towards letting job seekers know more accurately what the role entails. Recruitment videos are a ideal way to explain positions.


Induction training, which may be needed in multiple locations, is time consuming and expensive. By using an induction video or videos, time and budget can be saved. And a consistent message can be relayed. Also both showing and telling can be used which can be very useful, especially if technical expertise, or healthy and safety needs explaining.


Video of life training events are a great way to make sure all staff are across content, even if they can’t attend the live training event. Additionally the material can be reviewed by attendees wanting to revise skills, models and practises.
Also, once again, this can save on the investment of both time and budget.

Di Ryall AO

MD and Founder, Xplore for Success

“Working with Filmstretch (Claire and Brendon) was very professional from start to finish.  We met before the event to discuss our desired outcomes from the videos and they clarified the set up that would allow them to get the best results.  They arrived at the event with time for set up and testing and worked seamlessly with our team and the team at the venue.  We asked Filmstretch to produce 5 separate short videos from the 1.5 hour event and were very satisfied with the videos.  During the production of the final videos they shared their work and discussed options on how to achieve the greatest impact.  We were delighted with the quality and arrangement of the videos. I would strongly recommend Filmstretch to others.  They are very customer focussed and easy to work with.  They were professional in their recommendations on set up and ideas to ensure our final products were achieving our agreed outcomes.  I would not hesitate to use them again.”

Corporate case studies.

Here are our latest Corporate Case Studies.
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JDA Sanitarium Case Study

This video case study was for the Australian branch of JDA, a global supplier of logistics management solutions. The Australian branch of JDA was tasked with producing the first Australian client case study, and used us to do this. The use of a substantial amount of b-roll footage and photographs make this case study more 'sticky' for viewers as the b-roll tells the story visually.
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Testimonial Video Sarah Cornally

Sarah Cornally works with senior leaders to help create positive, lasting change. She asked us to shoot video testimonials with a number of her clients. Their comments are a revealing insight into the challenges faced by corporate leaders. We were careful to ensure minimal impact on their busy schedules and to gain maximum rapport preceding and during the interviews.
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