The Real Thing How did that work out for you? We all have an strong appetite for knowing what really happened.

Let's use it to tell your story.

Documentary –
Short and long form

The documentary form allows us to satisfy our marked curiosity to know why people do what they do and how it works out for them. Sometimes we’re following this trail in corporate contexts and sometimes in social contexts. Both reveal quality stories.

We're in the development stage of a feature length documentary called The Dangerous Dance.

The Dangerous Dance examines what precedes domestic abuse and violence, highlighting where better choices can be made by both men and women.

We will examine the conflicting expectations, wants, needs, hopes and fears around our longing for meaning and fulfilment through long term intimacy.

It will also take a look at our cultural confusion around sex, romance and love.

Also we are currently in production of a short form documentary 'discussion starter' called Silence Kills, about domestic violence and people’s reluctance to call 000 when they hear disturbing noises from their neighbours.

Documentary Budgets

Budget will depend on length and content to be included - which might be simply interviews all the way through to dramatised re-enactments.
We will assist you by producing a scope and budget to conform with the scope.

Documentary Options

Story of Your Company for External Audience

Stories are compelling. When a solid narrative is in place, that is well set up with a question that is answered, you will engage audiences.
It’s important to mix content i.e. include interviews, illustrative footage with voice over, or montages.
As long as the information is interesting to the audience (i.e. not focused on sales) you can create a story worth telling.

Story of Your Company for Internal Audience

The information you may need or want to relay to your internal audience is quite likely to be different from what will suit your external audience.
For example you may want to cover increase in size, locations, and financial growth details.
You will want to create a narrative that imparts your high level purpose to inspire your employees and get them pulling together.

Mini Documentaries

These can be used for a number of purposes. They can build brand personality and create loyalty, which was done superbly by Dove – google Dove Beauty Sketches.
They might be used for case studies to tell stories of client successes.
They might be entertaining, with plenty of humour, telling a story relevant to your brand. Humorous videos have a great social share rate.

Karen James

Founder and CEO

On Purpose Hub

“The making of 10 Stories was not about filming a documentary, it was literary about capturing the stories of ten single mothers' lives and the impact of policy change - in real terms. The terms that effect lives in a way most people don’t realise. Filmstretch donated their time and creative energy to uncover these stories. To share them so that everyone can know how a seemingly small change has a lasting impact on families from the lunch box to the sports field to the dentist. It has been a pleasure to work on 10 Stories with the Filmstretch team - professional, creative and most importantly committed.”

Documentary case studies

Here are our latest Documentary Case Studies.
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All Case Studies

Documentary Video Production 10 Stories of Single Mothers

A fully pro-bono mini documentary we produced, in partnership with the Sydney Community Foundation, The National Council for Single Mothers' and their Children, and the Snow Foundation, was aimed to raise awareness of the very negative impact a change of legislation had on one of the most vulnerable sectors of Australians. When the single parent payment was changed to end when the youngest child turned 8 years old, down from 16 years old, this demographic moved from just about coping fincially to being in serious poverty - literally having to choose between buying food, petrol or paying for sports for their children. The documentary was premiered at Federal Parliament to an audience with representatives from every political party in the room. This was a first in about 20 years. Freely available to any viewers - the general public and relevant organisations - this emotive documentary is powerful and moving. It acts as an effective discussion starter that is used by many campaign organisations.
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Documentary Video Production Dress for Success Sydney

Dress for Success wanted an engaging video to explain their work. The organisation began in the USA, however the videos produced in the USA didn't tell the Australian story. Due to one of the many ambassadors being the experience journalist and new reader, Deborah Knight, who was willing to present the story, Dress for Success were thrilled with the professionalism of the result. The video is on their website and is also used at their fundraising events and explains their fantastic work as well as illustrating it - with relevant illustrative footage, and interviews with women who have gained so much from working with Dress for Success. Dress for Success were able to provide 50% of the budget and we covered the rest pro bono.
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