Better than being there The rise of TED shows the appetite and authority value of recording a speaking event. Rely on our years of experience and we'll make you and your event look great without a TED sized budget.

Events and Speaker
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Understandably people think events are a quick and easy way to acquire lots of video. However, large chunks of someone speaking on a stage doesn’t actually get many views.

It's important to creative a series of bite sized videos from the material.

Also it's useful to note that a live event is a one to many experience that partly depends on the energy in the room for engagement, whereas video is a one to one direct to viewer communication.

We’ve found that an additional way to get value from filming at event filming is to shoot ‘Green Room’ extra content of speakers as well as testimonial from attendees.

Event Budgets

We will work to understand your needs and how you want to use your event videos.
We will assist you by producing a scope and budget to conform with the scope.

Event and Speaker Video Options

Full Event

Full event videos can establish your credibility and authority in your area of expertise. The number of attendees, as well as the calibre of speakers, will also impact on this.
Another effective use of full event videos is to create a ‘sizzle’ reel that can then be used for marketing you next event.

Specific Speaker

It may be that you are wanting to further your speaking career and get more engagements. All bureaus will require a show reel and any clients that come direct to you are also very likely to make this request.
Capture your performance on video and start of add to your speaker show reel.


Testimonials are usually done as part of a whole day event shoot. At the end of the day you can point us to key audience members to interview – or we can simply ‘grab’ people as the event wraps up.
Very good for inclusion you event ‘sizzle’ reel as well as stand alone testimonials for marketing purposes.

Suzy Jacobs

Founder and CEO

She Business

“The energy and enthusiasm of you and your team has helped us to create videos that grab and hold the attention of our stakeholders, partners and key players, making it possible for us to get increased traffic to our websites. It has also raised our profile and assisted people to understand what we do and what we stand for.”

Here are our latest Event Videos

Here are our latest Speaker and Event Case Studies.
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Gala Dinner Event with David Morrison

Dangerous Dance documentary gala dinner event video

This video is a compilation from The Dangerous Dance feature documentary Gala Dinner Event that took place on 10th August 2016. The event was filmed with three cameras; a wide shot and a medium shot from the back of the room and a reverse shot from the stage filming the audience over the shoulder of the presenter. We call this reverse shot the 'hero' shot as it brings event videos to life. It sets the scene for the video viewer, it shows audience reactions to the presentations and it can capture audience questions. See this event digital content blog for further insight into filming event videos.
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Event Video Content with Martin Blake, KPMG Aus

The start up online business, Grow|Strategy, had a launch event with prominent, highly credible speakers. The online business was explained along with business trends that SMEs and companies need to be aware of and adapt to. We filmed the event with three cameras - medium and wide shot on the speakers and panels. As well as a 'hero' shot, that brings events to life, which is over the shoulder of the speakers, showing audience reactions and responses. Grow|Strategy were delighted with the six resulting videos that were used on their website to establish their expertise and credibility - vital for a start up business.
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