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Explainer videos have a high rate of cut-through in the marketing mix. They are very effective in growing brands and businesses and known to increase conversion rates. They subtly act as promo videos with being advertisement like.

This type of video are so much more effective than words to explain a product or service. In part this is because a video leads to far higher retention than wading through text. They are also much more time efficient for the viewer reading through text.

As explainer videos are often shared, in contrast to old style ‘push’ videos that offer no value to the viewer.

In short, if your product or service warrants explanation this type of video are the way to go.

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Marketing, Explainer and Promo video options

Socially Shareable

‘Why should I give my time to watch this?’ Today’s audience have little patience for old school advertising; they demand that you give them a return for the investment of their time. A story, a laugh or useful information and they are much more likely to share such content.

Brand Personality

The faceless brand is also losing favour; consumers want a brand to have a personality so that they gain a sense of connection to a brand. This also means they become advocates for the brand (think Apple). This is beautifully achieved by telling stories.

Explainer and How To

Explainer videos have a high rate of cut-through. They are proven way to get high viewership as they are so effective compared to text. In fact today’s viewer is unlikely to wade through text at all. Increase viewer retention rates and up the likelihood of social sharing.

Suzanne Mercier

Managing Director and Consultant

Purpose to Profit

“Claire is an extraordinary producer. Brendon an extraordinary Director. Their abilities in creative development, and guiding clients through the process is incredible. Fabulous attention to detail, personal wisdom and ability to connect with their clients so their clients get the best every time.”

Marketing, Explainer and Promo Video Case Studies

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JDA Sanitarium Case Study

This video case study was for the Australian branch of JDA, a global supplier of logistics management solutions. The Australian branch of JDA was tasked with producing the first Australian client case study, and used us to do this. The use of a substantial amount of b-roll footage and photographs make this case study more 'sticky' for viewers as the b-roll tells the story visually.
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filmstretch showreel corporate video production Sydney

filmstretch showreel corporate video production Sydney. Show who you are and what you do for your clients. Tell your story, capture attention, use great footage, use a voice over or a music bed with text (as per the filmstretch showreel). There are a many options for how to show who you are and what you do for clients. Such a video should be front and centre on your homepage. This is what people want when they first visit a new website. Gone are the days when people have the time or attention to read lots of text. See more case studies at filmstretch case studies.
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