Our pro-bono production of a 10 minute mini documentary, called 10 Stories of Single Mothers’ was Premiered in Federal Parliament. This production was produced in partnerships with the Sydney Community Foundation, The National Council for Single Mothers’ and their Children, and the Snow Foundation and we all felt that filming the premiere was a ‘no brainer.

As with the documentary, filmstretch filmed this event pro-bono. It was filmed in a much more ‘lean and mean’ way than is usual for our event videos due to the parameters involved.

With representatives from every political party in the room it was a pleasure for me, Claire Stretch, to be one of the presenters. I spoke about the importance of addressing the lack of a safely net for single mothers’ and their children and the poverty they had been thrown into. The speakers  were representative of the alliance behind the production, women who featured in the documentary and a number of senators from different political parties.

The speakers were all passionate and open and the audience visibly moved by both the speakers and the documentary itself that is extremely moving.

filmstretch was proud to be the producers of this documentary – and it went on to be screened in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

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