Video Package Summary
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Package One – 6 x 1 min Videos

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Package Two – 12 x 1 min Videos

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Package Three – 3 x 1.5 min Videos

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Package Four – 2 x 1.5 min Videos and 3 x 1 min Videos

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Differences Between Packages Explained:

  • The key to keeping the attention of your viewers is movement.

    Humans are neurologically wired to pay attention to movement.

    So the PLUS and BONUS packages, which include animated elements that illustrate the information you are verbally providing, will add significant effectiveness to your videos.

  • Remember that video is all about showing as well as telling. This is when you truly start to release the full power of video.

    As the wise man said; ‘Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.”

    Assisting your viewers to easily and clearly understand your message has to be the ultimate goal.

Why use video on your website?

For starters, video already accounts for 70% or web traffic.
Video also:

  • Builds Rapport

  • Is the #1 Digital Marketing Tool

  • Creates ‘Expert’ or ‘Authority’ Status

  • Tells an Important Verbal and Visual Story

  • Creates Great Impact

  • Has Many Valuable Uses

Website videos vs Video Blogs

Web videos are explainers, for example, about your services, team, values etc

Website videos are designed to be used longer term on main pages of your website to bring what you do to life and create relationship and rapport.

Packages 3 and 4 include 1.5 min videos which are ideal for this purpose.

(2) x 1.5 Minute Interview Style or Scripted Website Videos and (3) x One Minute Scripted Videos Often a home page will feature an introduction to what you do, focusing on the benefit to your clients and prospects.

The about page often features introductions to your key staff members, or perhaps the story of the evolution of your business.

And then you might have a services page, where your video will go into more detail than the home page introductory video, detailing what you do and how you do it.

Video Blogs create better engagement with clients and prospects than written blogs in this ADHD world.

Packages 1 and 2 consist of 1 minute, one main point videos. This bite size, shorter term blog content - that may offer news, tips, insights or special offers.

The content needs to be of value to your prospects and customers.

Links to your video blogs can of course go in your newsletters. People are more likely to click through knowing they will see a short, useful video.

Transcript: the transcript can be included under the video for those who prefer text for SEO building.

Why us? Cos it’s all about you.

We give you our experience, attention and input

  • filmstretch is a reputable and long established web video production company in Sydney.

    We have many years of experience making slick web video.

    Our packages offer superb value for money. And all of them can be paid over 3 months to help you with your cash flow.

  • We offer different levels of complexity to suit all SME and corporate video needs, objectives and budgets.

    We have the filmmaking, storytelling, business, marketing and technical know-how to ensure you get results.

    Our packages are ‘bundles’ of videos for online presence or training.