Show AND Tell Bring abstract concepts to life so they can be easily understood

Video Animation & Motion Graphics
Show as well as Tell

Video animation is one of the best ways to bring abstract concepts to life so they can be easily understood.

It does this by excluding distracting detail, leaving a powerful world of essential shape, colour, movement and sound that is rich in the childhood delight associated with cartoons.

We have the creative development, writing and production experience to help you work out what you can do with the budget you have available, or hear your vision and let you know what budget will be required to achieve it.

We concentrate on getting the most out of 2D, 2 1/2D and 3D animation using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

We always do everything we can to design a proposal that maximises return on the investment while getting you the best possible video result. That’s what we’re here for so give us a call re animation Sydney.

Video Animation Budgets

We understand your needs how valuable your time is.
We will assist you by producing a scope and budget to conform with your needs and let you know the budget for what you want.

Video animation options

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a very effective way to illustrate concepts in a way that makes them easier to digest and bring them to life.

Motion graphicx can also be valuable as marketing videos to describe a service or as an explainer video.

2.5 Dimension Animation

At this level of animation you start to really bring your message to life as you begin to tell a story in a much more narrative way.

Highly engaging, highly captivating, and very memorable.

3 Dimension Animation

This type of animation tends to be more realistic, even photo realistic. It is an ideal way to tell a story or bring a product to life and thoroughly shown it off.

3 dimension animation is an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Shehan Wijetilaka

Founder and MD


““From the offset of our engagement with filmstretch, they quickly grasped what our business needs and goals were - this was from the first meeting when they consciously asked questions to assess this. They understood our business imperatives and priorities. When it came to the motion graphics and animation videos filmstretch have done for us, they handled all the creative development and nailed it straight off. We hardly had to get involved, which was such a time saver. Additionally they were flexible, in terms of working with the available budget, and scoping out what could be done for that amount - and then producing outstanding results."

Video Animation case studies

Here are our latest Video Animation Case Studies.
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Corporate Animated Video for ACARA explaining ICSEA

ACARA, who are responsible for the Australian Curriculum Development, NAPLAN and My School, asked us a video to explain the relatively abstract concept of the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage and how it can be used to fairly compare the performance of similar schools across Australia. We agreed that animation, with voice over, was the clearest way to explain the idea to parents so they can understand that comparisons based on NAPLAN results are fair. We went the the extra mile on this -as we do on all ACARA videos, because we believe their work is extremely important for Australia's future.
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Vozz Helmets 3D Animation

In 2015 filmstretch added 3D animation to it offerings. This video, done for Vozz helmets is a benefits and features video designed for display at trade shows. It therefore has no audio. It shows the product in photorealistic 3D with motion graphics explaining the design features and their benefits. 3D is time consuming, so fairly high cost, however it is extremely powerful, engaging and ideal for beautifully designed products. filmstretch was supplied with CAD files from the manufacturer and converted these into the file types required for the 3D animation.  
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